Ion Transport Proteins in Control of Cancer Cell Behaviour



IonTraC is a Marie Curie Initial Training Network on the role of Ion Transport Proteins in Pancreatic Cancer. It is funded by the European Commission and started its work on 1st October, 2011.

The overall aim of the IonTraC project is to comprehensively test the hypotheses that proteins involved in ion transport ("transportome") constitute novel diagnostic/therapeutic targets for pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC). The IonTraC project is divided into five scientific workpackages (WPs). WP1 establishes in vitro and in vivo models which will be refined through profiling of transportome expression and function in WP2. WP3 will provide a functional background on the role of the transportome in PDAC progression. WP4 and WP5 will assess the diagnostic and therapeutic potentials of the transportome.